Here’s the story of how my clients were able to sell quickly in a slow-moving segment.

I’m joined today by Darren and Melissa, wonderful clients of mine whose home I recently had the honor of selling. They’ve graciously agreed to share some details of it so that you can benefit from their experience and have a successful sale of your own.

Darren and Melissa were in an out-of-town market, and theirs was a larger home above the price points that had been successful. They knew they wanted to sell, and had gotten a quarter of the way through some renovations on the home when COVID-19 hit. After a few months of waiting, they were finally able to finish up the work on their home, but still needed to locate a professional to help them start the selling process in earnest.

After meeting, with a friend’s recommended agent, Darren continued their search by Googling Calgary Realtors and found my name; I’m so glad they gave me a call. “Right from the first meeting we knew,” Melissa said. “We wanted someone to come in and tell us what we needed to do. We needed to know where to start and that’s exactly what you did for us.”

They wanted to be out of the home before Christmas, which they knew would be challenging given the fact that many homes in their price point have been sitting on the market for quite some time. However, they did what other sellers didn’t, and they were able to meet their goal.

“They cleaned, rearranged some items, and got rid of distractions so buyers could easily envision their own lifestyle.”

So, what exactly did they do differently? Well, they listened and tried to be as coachable and supportable as possible. I had given them a checklist of things that would make the home more presentable, and though there were times when they worried about whether it was possible to meet their deadline, they took my encouragement to heart and persevered. They cleaned, rearranged some items, and got rid of distractions so buyers could easily envision their own lifestyles.

They received two showings right off the bat and got an offer within a week. Those results were better than anything they had hoped for. The product, pricing, promotion, distribution—we did everything right. Darren and Melissa’s home sale set a record; theirs was the first home in two and a half years to sell in that level of the market. They stuck to the path, had faith in the process, and didn’t allow their emotions to take over.

“I think you knew the market, you knew the price points,” Melissa said. “You knew what was moving. You seemed the most educated and understood what we were expecting. You can drive around town and see how long the signs have been on everyone’s front lawn; I didn’t want that to be us. We knew it was going to be hard work, but we were up for it. We did it. We made it happen. Thank you!”

If you’re ready to start getting serious about your own home-selling goals, please reach out to me by phone or email. I’d love to check out your property and hear about your specific circumstances so we can assemble an actionable plan suited to your needs.