Over the years, we’ve become experts at identifying the trends that cause people to move. Here are the seven most common life changes that let you know you’re a candidate for an address change as well:

1. The seven-year itch. The average consumer moves homes every seven years.

2. You are living below your means. Quite often when we get a promotion or raise, we want our environment to reflect that. Renovations often aren’t worth the money, so buying a bigger or better house is a great option.

3. You have children that have recently left home. This signals that it’s time to downsize. 

4. You’re expecting children. This signals it’s time to upgrade to a larger space.

5. You’re getting married. It’s often better for the new relationship when you can start off fresh in a new home instead of trying to move into one of the spouse’s old homes that will never quite be your own.

6. You’re getting divorced. The process moves along much quicker after any shared dwelling is sold and each party gets their own home.

7. You have a long commute. If you’re driving 45 minutes each way to work, that’s 1.5 hours every day and 1.5 months every year. That’s a lot of time to spend on unnecessary travel.

“The average consumer buys a new home every seven years.”

If you or someone you know fits any of these criteria and is ready to start the process of finding a new home, give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to help you out.